How to find information on this website

There are several ways to search this website, other than using the menus.

At the very bottom of each page there is a Search box.

Type in a keyword or two and press Enter, and you will see a snippet of each of the results from anywhere in the text of any page in this site. Click in a snippet heading, or where it says Continue reading, to see the full detail. Examples of keywords might be talks or presenters or garden etc.

In most browsers you can also use Ctrl-F to search in the same way, for text just within the page you are on.

This is not very sophisticated searching. You do not have to worry about upper or lower case, the system ignores case and searches for both. However you can’t use truncation or logical operators like AND or OR, and you must use the exact word you want, it doesn’t automatically look for synonyms or related terms. It doesn’t come up with suggestions for typos. For that sort of advanced searching you are better off using a search engine such as Duck Duck Go, Google or Bing. All of our web pages are indexed by these search engines, though it may take a few days for them to pick up changes.

If you are using one of these search engines, searches for single or common terms will find thousands of hits. You can limit your search to the U3A Cygnet website only, by typing in your search terms, then a space, and then So a search for membership just within the U3A Cygnet website would look like this:


The syntax for a site search may vary, not all search engines are the same. Check in your search engine’s help screens.

And if all else fails

Just contact us

We’ll be happy to help.